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Commentary from Saturday, September 8, 2018

Helping One Another Pays Off!

With the help of our Buy American Made Campaign supporters we are seeing that
"Helping One Another Pays Off." Through our grassroots efforts, we continue to unite tens-of-millions of Americans and demonstrate that positive change happens for American workers as consumers direct more of their spending power to items made and assembled in the United States of America.

For many years, businesses chose to expand their product lines in foreign countries to avoid high taxes and regulations. This has now changed and there are more reasons for businesses to make and circulate products made and assembled in the United States.

We have to remember that outsourcing industries and jobs did not happen in 1, 5 or 10 years, this has been happening in America for more than 30 years and its going to take several years for us to reverse the past. However, with your help more Americans are being employed as business owners are investing in America and producing more products with a made in the U.S.A label. As more industries expand and return to America it becomes easier for us to reach the goal of 50% of what is sold in America is being made in America.

Thanks for helping us spread the word and for your participation.

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