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Commentary from Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day 2011 - A Time For Renewal!

Since the United States Congress declared Labor Day a federal Holiday in 1884, America has seen many changes in it's labor force. In 1884, jobs were plentiful and America was a nation with a growing industrial and service-based economy. Since 1884, Americans have experienced a depression and several recessions, but following each of these monumental events, America and its workforce recovered because large numbers of job opportunities were still located in the American industrial and service sectors.

In the last 30 years, many jobs were outsourced around the world, so getting people back to an established job after a recession is not the way it was in the past. With millions of job opportunities outsourced, we have fewer industrial and service jobs available which leaves us only a few options. The first option is move people overseas to where job opportunities are growing. The second option is for the American people to work together to create new jobs in the U.S.A. by making sure we use our purchasing power to choose American made products first. This will help industries grow as well as America's economy. While we welcome products from around the world in our stores, foreign made products should be competing with American made products rather than comprise 90% of what is available in many American stores.

Labor Day was enacted to honor the accomplishments of American workers and highlight the innovation, strength, prosperity and well-being that American workers provided to America, its economy and its future. In 2011, we need 24 million jobs in both industry and services in order to return to full employment status. I'm suggesting we keep our sights on the future of American workers by supporting the Buy American Made Campaign. Expanding our efforts to support the products that can and should be made in America and the private sector businesses that are already providing employment opportunities for American workers will help us recover from the slump America finds itself in today. Spread the word and invite others to visit our Internet site:

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