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Commentary from Saturday, September 28, 2019

How More Jobs for Americans Has Helped!

With the participation of tens-of-millions of supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, America’s consumers have become more focused on the well-being of present and future jobs for American workers. Together we became a voice focused on restoring no less than 50% of EVERY item sold in American being made in America again. We have made some major progress, but businesses outsourcing their manufacturing to foreign producers did not happen in a few years, so restoring the jobs lost is going to take a few more years to rebuild.

It is very important that America’s consumers remain focused on supporting the businesses operating
in the United States which will encourage businesses to expand their operations in the United States of America.

With all of the new products being invented and improved, there are endless opportunities for us to create a demand for the items made in the U.S.A. which will create additional levels of employment from the point of production to the point of sale.

The global market is here to stay, but, by directing more of our purchasing power to items produced by American based suppliers, we continue to work toward the 50/50 balance between domestic and imported products now sold in America's stores.

Since many companies moved the production of their products overseas for cheaper labor and greater profits for their investors, it's important for us to shop around and support the businesses that are operating in the United States so we can get even more Americans working again.

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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