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Commentary from Saturday, September 16, 2017

We Are Making Progress Every Day!

It is very important that we acknowledge everyone who is helping promote our efforts to restore jobs and job skills in America. Special THANKS to our media supporters from radio, television, newspapers, internet sites, organizations and individuals discussing our efforts and forwarding the Buy American Made Campaign information to their family members and friends.

As our young people return to school, parents must press national leaders and local school boards to restore trade and technology classes and all classes needed to get America’s young people ready for the modern workplace long before they graduate. Restoring all levels of education in America's schools is the only way to expand jobs and job skills and long term prosperity for American workers and America's economy.

Now that more people are speaking up and asking questions, there are more opportunities to expand jobs in America. We continue to focus on no less than 50 of all products sold in America, being made in America again. Quite frankly, we should have never reached this point but since we have we must either unite and spend more of our dollars on products and services that employ our families, friends and neighbors, or continue to face the reality that America went from a nation that manufactured everything to a nation that is largely dependent on foreign made products.  The main question people want answered is question is WHY are such a large percentage of the products we use on a day to day basis made overseas and not in America?

I encourage you to visit our internet sites and which are our way to keep people informed and continue to expand the message that America needs more job opportunities for American workers.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word to others.

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