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Commentary from Saturday, September 14, 2019

America's Consumers Are the Solution!

For years, Americans saw American made items slowly being replaced with imported products. Consumers saw well-known American logos on the products, so they were confident reaching for the same brand name items. However, as the flood of imported products began to be discussed by America’s consumers, people saw that many well-known American products were no longer made in America. As consumers began to speak up, store managers were telling customers that the products they were selling were the same brands and same quality, and that they were saving a lot of money by purchasing imported items. They were really stretching the truth.

Quite frankly, the businesses that outsourced production to foreign countries and shipped the products to the United States for sale were the ones saving money, not America’s consumers. National and local distributors benefited most from imported products and hoped that America’s consumers would continue their buying habits forever and that the “look at labels” campaign would be short lived. Fortunately, efforts like American Workers Need You and American Workers Radio have been uniting millions of Americans who are now focused on changing the imbalance of products sold in America.

As America's consumers see what has been happening to America’s industries from outsourcing manufacturing they no longer want the United States to be a sales point for foreign made items and are behind the campaign to restore at least a 50% balance of all products sold in the United States being made in the United States again.

Supporting American made helps many levels of workers representing small and large businesses, non-union and union, and the self employed. The fact of the matter is that we already have companies all over the United States up and running and ready to accept purchase orders to manufacture the products we use most often to compete with the products now being imported.

Thanks for spreading the word. We need your help!

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