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Commentary from Saturday, August 8, 2015

80 Million Opportunities to Support American Made!

In just a few weeks over 80 MILLION students in American will be returning to grade school, high school and college. As I write this message, I see 80 MILLION opportunities for America’s families to shop around for MADE IN AMERICA school supplies and clothing. I see 80 MILLION opportunities to let store managers know that consumers are shopping for American made items because they support efforts to maintain and restore industries in America which will keep American workers employed.

In recent years families reported a large portion of school supplies available were imported. Today people report a growing number of businesses offering American made school supplies in both local and major stores, but they also see we have a long way to go to reach the 50/50 balance we discuss so often. On the bright side a growing number of store owners and merchandisers are trying to feature more American made to address the requests of their customers so their customers don’t shop elsewhere.

As you go shopping for school and fall season items, take the time to alert store personnel of your concerns so they pass on your concerns to managers, owners and investors. If you don't like the responses you receive from your inquiries, walk out the door and shop elsewhere. At this point NO business wants to see customers walking away especially as a result of their store not offering a reasonable selection of American made products. Speaking up in support of American made and demonstrating your support for our efforts has been making a major difference.

If you are an Internet shopper, I have linked several sites that feature Made in America School Supplies. If all of us support the Buy American Made Campaign and also contact our elected officials and business leaders, we will continue to see a broader selection of American made products in more stores and see more Americans employed again. Thanks for supporting American workers and the businesses that support them.

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