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Commentary from Saturday, August 5, 2017

Why Support the American Made Label?

Every year we highlight a theme for the Buy American Made Campaign. This year our theme is “Support the American Made Label”. We are now over 7 months into the year and I encourage everyone to spread the “Support the American Made Label” message to family and friends. This is also a good time to restate the points outlined in this year’s theme:

Seeking out American made products continues to create a demand for the products presently being made in the United States of America and presently available where we shop.
Spending more of our hard-earned dollars on products made in the United States of America allows small, medium and large companies, non-union and union and the self-employed, to keep their jobs and circulate more of our income in America’s economy.   Businesses need customers to pay their bills and make a profit, so let them know you want more American made labels featured in their place of business if they want to maintain your business.
Letting others know that in the process of buying American made, WE are helping maintain jobs and prosperity for Americans and this message has been very effective. If we want to see more American made available at brick and mortar stores and on the Internet, we have to show businesses that WE are shopping with the goal of supporting the American made label.

As all of us clearly see, change does not happen overnight, but it is happening slowly but surely as our words, actions and spending habits are being noted at the cash register where it really counts and also in board rooms where chief executives and merchandisers see that America’s consumers are focusing more on supporting American made products.

Spread the word so we can continue to restore jobs and job skills and America’s economy.  Thanks for your participation and for your comments and suggestions.  E-mail me at:

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