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Commentary from Saturday, August 1, 2020

Support Your Local Businesses!

It has been GREAT to hear so many members of the national and local media asking people to support their local businesses. Our campaign has been urging people to support local businesses for many years, because we see how important businesses large and small are to the well-being of local communities. They are the life-line for jobs and stability for American workers.

The coronavirus pandemic that originated in China caused the loss of tens-of-millions of jobs in the United States in many sectors of the economy including the media and advertising. As businesses were closed or on limited schedules, they were unable be afford advertising as they did in the past. The loss of jobs in the advertising sector has helped refocus some of the media’s attention on the importance of America’s businesses, which they are now discussing more on television, radio, the Internet and social media.

Our campaign has urged people to support local businesses throughout the year with a special focus during the FIRST Weekend of every month, which we promoted as “National Small Business Weekend”. When we support local businesses, we circulate our money locally and help in the following ways:

Local residents remain employed.
Local delivery and marketing services are utilized.
Local, as well as federal and state taxes are collected through the payroll and business tax system and used to support local, state and federal government services.
As more customers shop locally, they also have the opportunity to seek out American made products and services, which help American-based businesses, remain open and expand in the United States of America.
As more Americans seek out and direct their purchasing power to support American Made products and local businesses, we will maintain and restore jobs for American workers.

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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