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Commentary from Saturday, August 19, 2017

Competitive Products Will Restore Jobs!

For years, we have been discussing at length the importance of reviving production of goods in America.  Many products continue to bear the names of American corporations, but most of these products are foreign made.

With all of our efforts, it is clear that a growing number of Americans are shopping with the intent of looking at labels and asking for American made products.  After considerable research we find that for the price we are paying NOW for items with foreign made labels, we could be purchasing a competitive American made product for the same cost.  Our research also indicates that one of the major difficulties in restoring America's industries is that business owners and investors have focused on the huge profits derived from foreign labor.  American manufactured goods could sell for about the same price in America’s stores, but importers, merchandisers and businesses in America would not be earning the same profits they now receive from imported products.

What is very interesting is that foreign producers are seeing for themselves that America’s importers are making a lot more money than the people producing the products in foreign countries.  As a result foreign producers have started to raise the cost for foreign produced items to America’s importers. Rising prices from foreign products is good for American workers because it will increase the willingness of America’s businesses to bring back production of their products which would not only have an American made label but also employ people in the country where their customers live.

As the Buy American Made Campaign continues its efforts, business owners, both foreign and domestic, are seeing that consumers are taking the time to look at labels and are being more selective in how they spend their dollars. Business owners are seeing more foreign made inventory sitting on the shelf while a growing number of people are seeking out American made products, which will hopefully lead to increased domestic production.

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