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Commentary from Saturday, August 15, 2020

Every Label Offers Information about the Product!

As more of America’s consumers have been looking closely at the labels on the products they purchase, they are seeing first-hand that large numbers of products that were made in America for years are now foreign made. Consumers are seeing that the labels on products are listed as distributed by an American company, but are foreign made. Thousands of the well-known products we purchase are in this category and that’s unfortunate because they now benefit foreign workers instead of American workers.

In our fast-moving world, Americans didn’t notice how many of the products they purchased were being outsourced to foreign countries which left ten-of-millions of American workers out of a job. It went largely un-noticed because the product name and labeling remained the same; it was simply that the place making the products was no longer in America.

Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign agree it’s time to focus more on a 50/50 balance between foreign and America made side-by-side so shoppers have the choice of what they decide to support. During the coronavirus pandemic, as Americans saw tens-of-millions of jobs downsized and unemployment rise so quickly, it has been an eye-opener and we agree it can’t continue.

With your help, we can show business owners that making more products in America will be profitable again because America’s consumers are deciding to spend their money on products and services that benefit the jobs of American workers.

Your help is appreciated. Kindly spread the word.

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