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Commentary from Saturday, August 15, 2015

Why Can't More American Made Be Available?

The American people who go out shopping with the intention of looking at labels and asking store personnel "For the price I am paying for these foreign made items, why can't there be a competitive American made item available for me to purchase?” The good news is now your questions are being discussed by store owners who see the needs to offer a larger variety of American made items to their customers or they will shop elsewhere. Without the questions from America’s consumers the American made issue would not be discussed in corporate board rooms and by the merchandisers who supply the stores.

For over 30 years the businesses that relocated their manufacturing overseas, but have kept their headquarters in the U.S.A., have enjoyed the benefits of importing products from overseas, which allowed them to realize huge profits with very little concern for workers in the U.S.A. and the well-being of America’s economy. I feel that the gravy train of high profits that importers enjoyed for years is beginning to slow down. After experiencing the aftermath of a long recession, the loss of jobs and jobs skills and the need to restore the Trades and Vocational Arts Programs in America’s schools, America’s consumers, “The Sleeping Giant”, are supporting America’s industries and want to have more American made products sold in America’s stores.

My commentary from August 8th received a great response. It is a fact that over 80 million of America’s students are preparing to return to grade school, high school and college. Shopping for school supplies is an enormous opportunity for us to support America’s businesses selling school supplies and a perfect opportunity for every parent to speak up in support of American made. I also urge you to show the young people in your family that you support the Buy American Made Campaign and ask them to help you seek out products with made in America labels. Your participation is very important.

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