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Commentary from Saturday, August 13, 2011

America Needs Jobs Not Loans!

As we look at recent events, it is evident that America's national elected leaders looked for loans to pay America's bills rather than ways to cut expenses or keep jobs in the U.S.A.

The new debt ceiling deal that was enacted simply means that every man, woman and child in America is deeper in debt and national elected officials are still not addressing the real problem AMERICA is facing. Americans need Jobs and the restoration of America's industries!

We all know that when Americans are fully employed, the income they earn allows them to support themselves and benefits many aspects of our economy including paying taxes to support necessary government services. When I contact national elected leaders about lowering business taxes so companies are motivated to create jobs, I am always assured that it is on the agenda. However, I can report with confidence that your voices are being heard, your actions and reactions regarding JOBS and government spending are finally being discussed among politicians and in the media.

I thank all of you who are helping to press the JOBS issue by contacting your elected officials. We all want to see unemployed people employed once again, and our new graduates and first-time job seekers able to earn money for a job well done. This will happen as private sector businesses become confident that they won't be taxed to death and will be rewarded for employing Americans and strengthening the well-being of America. The sooner this goal is addressed, the sooner we can counteract the negative effects of outsourcing and begin supporting more of the businesses restoring and expanding jobs in the U.S.A.

Last week, I emailed the Buy American Made Challenge to thousands of our supporters. Today, I urge you to join this effort and only BUY AMERICAN MADE products during the next 30 days. This includes everything you are looking to purchase. Take the challenge and be sure to look at every label and speak up where you shop. I have posted the Buy American Made Challenge on the front page of Check it out and spread this message to others.

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