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Commentary from Saturday, August 12, 2017

Attention Parents of America's Youth!

Every year during the month of August, millions of America’s young people prepare to return to school.  All of us associated with the Buy American Made Campaign urge all parents to shop for school supplies with our 2017 theme in mind: “Support the American Made label”.

School supplies remain a very large business in America, and it is important that we not only look for American Made school supplies, but also the clothing and dozens of other items that are needed to get our youth back to school. Over the years, parents have become concerned that so many school-related products have been made outside of the United States of America.  I feel we are seeing some positive changes in recent years as a result of people speaking up and seeking out American made products, but it’s a far cry from where we should be right now.

Restoring production of school-related products requires the commitment of private sector businesses as well as America’s parents and consumers.  It would be more appropriate for our young people to return to school with at least fifty percent of the supplies they use being made in the United States of America. It would also be a positive example for America’s young people to see more of the items they use made in America, the country where they live and are being educated. At the same time, more school supplies being made in the United States provides jobs for American workers who help pay the taxes that maintain America’s schools.

Spread the word because American Workers need us now and America’s students will need jobs in the future. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Email them to:

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