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Commentary from Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Can't Be In Denial!

For many years, millions of Americans remained in denial about the depth of the current five-year recession. People thought that service based jobs would continue to grow and that there were sufficient government safety net programs in place so America would not experience a prolonged recession. Unfortunately, the prolonged recession has been a major wake up call for Americans, and through the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign we must unite to change our past and begin a new future.

I make these statements after reviewing the responses received from my radio broadcasts, newspaper, Internet commentaries and face-to-face discussions with supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign. We agree that after hitting the snooze button over the years, Americans are waking up to the reality of 30-plus years of the loss of industries and jobs skills. We clearly see that the main reason America's economy has declined is fewer jobs and ways for people to be able to support themselves.

In order for us to get America back to a better employment reality, America's elected and business leaders must demonstrate their ability to work together to restore and create tens of millions of additional job opportunities. This is not an impossible number to reach when you consider that there over 29 million small, medium and large businesses operating in the U.S.A. already employing over 143 million Americans. However, with a population of 314 million, America should have at least 60% of its people or 188 million people with full and part time jobs. Presently just over 45% of the American people are employed so we need 45 million additional full and part-time jobs to see America’s economy flourish once again.

Securing new jobs is not going to be easy when industries have already relocated overseas or American businesses are purchasing the bulk of their merchandise from foreign suppliers. We can change this reality by directing more of our dollars in support of products made by American workers and circulating more of our dollars within the U.S.A.

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