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Commentary from Saturday, July 24, 2010

Growth And Opportunities!

We clearly see the aftermath of unemployment in America and now better understand the reason to unite our efforts and purchasing power, for the common goal of restoring economic growth and employment opportunities.

There are a thousand reasons for the current economic crisis that we can debate, but the bottom line is that we must make it known that we the American consumer will support the businesses who are committed to restoring manufacturing in the U.S.A. This will permit us to experience the economic growth and employment opportunities that America needs and in the process revitalize America’s economy.

As I speak to visitors from foreign countries, especially from countries where so many imported products are produced, they question the fairness of doing business in America. As they shop at America’s major retail stores, they see that an item like a necktie produced in their country for less than $3.00 per item, is sold in America’s retail stores for over $30 and question who is making the profit.

If we are going to change this trend, America’s leaders must come forth and reassess how America is doing business. It’s time to take a look at business taxes and tariffs and find ways to attract new businesses to restore jobs on our shores and make it a financial benefit for more businesses, workers and communities. It is clear that being a major sales point for imported products is not going to sustain our economy or the well-being of Americans who continue to be unemployed. During the last 20 years we have witnessed many major changes occurring right before our eyes. Manufacturing facilities were closed in cities across the U.S.A. This was followed by ongoing job losses and loss of job skills. Next, local retail stores were unable to compete with major retail stores selling foreign made products, so they were forced to close and even more American jobs were lost.

One important way for you to help is to remember that America’s workers need your purchasing power to support the products they produce and the companies that employ them. Without your participation, growth in manufacturing and new job opportunities just won’t happen.

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