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Commentary from Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Lot of Americans Need Us!

Americans who have a job tend not to be concerned about employment opportunities. However, there are millions of quality working-age and able-bodied Americans and recent college and high school graduates who need job opportunities.  The American people can help jobless Americans simply by focusing more of their buying power on products made and serviced by American workers.

At recent events people were talking about items that should be made in America again. The most frequent item of discussed is the cell phone, used daily by over 240 million Americans. Cell phones were once mainly made in America, but their production was outsourced to foreign workers to save money for corporations and investors. At first it was thought only a small portion of the cell phones would be made overseas with the majority being made in America. However, we now see how this one product has caused a major loss of jobs for American workers and a major loss to America’s economy. Today over 240 million Americans use their cell phones to conduct business and to communicate with their family members and friends on a regular basis. After speaking with our supporters I agree that there is no reason why more phones should not be made in the United States of America once again.

When you go out to buy your next cell phone, take notice that the product is made by foreign manufacturers and that the main jobs available to American workers are sales related.  The people I speak to feel that major corporations have an opportunity to restore domestic production of no less than 50 percent of the cell phones and many other items purchased by the American people on a regular basis.  One important way our supporters have been helping our cause is by looking and asking for American-made products, and making their concerns known to the managers and store personnel where you shop.

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