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Commentary from Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seeing For Myself!

Based on responses to my commentaries and radio broadcasts, many people find that checking labels to see where products are made is an eye opening experience.

During the last few months, I was asked to visit a few MEGA STORES to see first hand the number of American made items they had to offer. When I toured the stores, managers showed me the items now available and told me if more American made items were available from American distributors in the large quantities needed to supply MEGA STORES, more American made products would be on sale. From what I saw, the large majority of food items are made in the U.S.A. When it comes to clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture and hundreds of others, foreign made dominate the stores. But I also saw there are clearly many new opportunities for American businesses to manufacture and distribute their products to both local and MEGA stores.

What I saw again is that for too many years, America's businesses outsourced manufacturing so now foreign products dominate America's stores. My visits also showed me that there is no reason that America's businesses could not meet the challenge and get more American made clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture and other items back in circulation in a reasonable about of time.

Realistically, when you look at where America finds itself today, business and elected leaders did not consider the problems outsourcing would cause America's economy. It's time for America's leaders to do their job and get America’s economy back to where it should be.

I encourage you to contact your national and state elected officials. To assist you there is a new easy to use link located on the front page of It directs you to the name, address, telephone number and email address of all national and state level elected officials. Try it out and keep me posted.

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