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Commentary from Saturday, July 17, 2021

Promote American Made Every Day!

For 30 years the American people discussed the reasons why jobs LEFT the United States. We know the reasons, poor national leadership which includes elected officials, major businesses and the merchandisers that supply the places where we shop.  People at the top looked for the PROFIT they could generate from foreign made items, not for the well-being of America, America’s families and American Workers.

Just as the clock only moves forward, we have to work TOGETHER and remain focused on our future because not many people at the TOP are looking out for us. The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic has made it clear our grass roots efforts continues to help the American people be more involved in supporting America and American made.

The coronovirus pandemic added to the struggles of businesses as many were forced to close, and now we see more buildings with For Sale and For Rent signs. This is a red flag for America’s communities and American workers.  It should also be a red flag for political leaders, local businesses and American workers to UNIFY in support America businesses first.

Two years ago, we had more workers than jobs. As of July 2021, we see businesses across America posting HELP WANTED signs. In order to change our situation, WE ALL have to be the voice for the Buy American Made Campaign by speaking up EVERYWHERE we shop and focusing our spending power on products still being made in the United States.  We don't want to lose another business, another employer, or see another American left out of long-term job opportunities because imported products were permitted to replace American-made products as industries decided to move overseas. Your participation is very important. Kindly spread this message.

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