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Commentary from Saturday, July 10, 2021

Actions Are Much Better Than Words!

As we continue to mark the 245th Anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence, there is a saying we should promote, “Acting on a good idea is better than having a good idea and doing nothing”.

We can be proud of our efforts to unite the American people behind the Buy American Made Campaign. We see that our efforts are encouraging AMERICA’S CONSUMERS to create a demand for American made which represents the jobs, job skills and services provided by American workers.

Many people ask if there is a National House or Senate Committee in Washington, DC to Keep Jobs in America. If there is such a committee, we need to know what they are doing to help keep jobs in the United States. If there is no committee working to keep jobs in the United States, we have to ask, WHY NOT???

Help us support the Buy American Made Campaign in the following ways:

  • Stay United behind ALL efforts to expand JOBS in the United States of America
  • Support the businesses that employ people making products and providing services that employ American workers.
  • Promote the American made label to everyone you know so they know you’re involved in positive efforts to maintain jobs and see more job opportunities become available for our fellow Americans.

These are just a few ideas promoted by the Buy American Made Campaign.  Your actions are always better than words, so use your spending power to support American Workers because they need us now and in the future!

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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