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Commentary from Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tens of Millions Need Us to Unite!

Before the new world economy expanded and outsourcing became the thing to do, America's graduates were able to find jobs prior to or shortly after graduation. Today, many of our graduates are among the tens of millions of Americans who can't find jobs. Some Americans point the finger of blame at government leaders for not looking out for the people, while others blame the free market economy for taking control of our lives and livelihoods. However, much of the blame is due to the fact that the American people did not stop, look, listen and assess what was going wrong as we hit bump after bump on the road of America's declining economy and the loss of tens of millions of jobs during the last 30 years.

As of June 2012, America's population is over 313 million. There are 142 million Americans presently employed (that's 45.5% of the population). There are 24 million plus people in need of a job immediately and millions more seeking part-time job opportunities. When you add in hundreds of thousands of new graduates seeking to be employed as soon as possible, you can understand why the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign are so important.

With a population of 313 million, America’s businesses should be able to have job opportunities available for at least 60% of its employable people with full and part-time jobs. That means we should have around 187 million people employed and paying U.S. income taxes, or 45 million more people employed than we have today. With only 142 million employed, we know why our economy is where it is and why America's national elected leaders are borrowing 40 cents per dollar to maintain government services. Pointing the finger of blame is not worth our time or effort, but working together to expand America's industrial landscape with the theme, "what was once made in America, will be made in America again" is where our efforts must be focused!

Keep looking for, asking for and buying American made products and be sure to keep me posted about your efforts. For more information about the statistics listed in today's commentary, look at the U.S. Debt Clock located on the front page of

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