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Commentary from Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Opportunities To Help One Another!

As America's students graduate from high school and college, we once again see the critical need for more jobs in America. We can't blame the leaders from other countries for welcoming jobs to employ their people, and we can't blame businesses for going where their investments will bring them the best return. We need to look at America's leaders to see WHY doing business in America became a problem and why businesses could do better by relocating overseas. From my contacts, I find that America's private sector businesses would reinvest and restore industries in the U.S.A. if realistic and long-term incentives were provided to them.

After more than 30 years of NO incentives to expand and modernize America's industries, we see it's hard to change what should NEVER have happened in the first place. I'm sure you agree it's time for national elected leaders to show us their leadership and place long-term incentives on the table so businesses no longer have reasons not to expand in the U.S.A. Realistically, to support our growing population, re-employ the unemployed and employ our graduates, America needs at least 40 million jobs. At this point positive solutions must be enacted. In order for that to happen, our national leaders must document their ideas and incentives so investors and taxpayers know what is being proposed.

I'm always inspired by the responses I receive from our listeners and readers. There are a growing number of individuals and groups supporting the Buy American Made Campaign. I'm trying to unite as many of them as possible, and with your assistance, our efforts continue to grow. The bottom line is "We ALL have to look for More Opportunities To Help One Another." Seeking out and speaking up in support of American made has been very effective.

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