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Commentary from Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graduates Are Depending On Us!

During this graduation season, I had the opportunity to speak with several parents of graduates and the graduates themselves. Each of the graduates, especially those who had lived at school, are returning home to face a less than favorable job market.

For decades, innovation in America was the envy of the world and kept workers employed, including new graduates. Now, graduates are seriously concerned about America's economy.

People ask me what we can do to help restore innovation in America so that all Americans will once again thrive. First, support American made products as often as possible so that American companies can invest in research and development and the expansion of their operations on American soil. Second, we have to remove the incentives that encourage businesses to move manufacturing overseas. The top two reasons jobs left America are few tax incentives to stay in the U.S.A. and to many tax loopholes for companies that moved operations abroad which made moving abroad more profitable. These two factors must be addressed now so businesses of every type and every size can work toward restoring jobs in the U.S.A. with lasting incentives that will benefit both businesses and American workers.

Recently a lady told me, "I got my first job the day after I graduated. My daughter graduated two years ago and is still unable to find a full-time job". We can't allow this to continue!

As we salute America's graduates, remember they are depending on all of us to help restore America's economy and the long cherished American dream. Spread the word and spend your dollars wisely so we can realize our goal to have at least 50% of all items used by the American people with a Made in America label. I urge you to support your local stores featuring products made in the U.S.A. so America's businesses and workers can survive this prolonged recession.

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