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Commentary from Saturday, June 13, 2020

Let's Unite For Everyone's Future!

Reviewing employment statistics in the United States during the last 30 years reveals that there was not enough reaction by the American people to stop the loss of businesses, jobs and livelihoods being relocated to foreign countries. There was not enough national leadership speaking up and taking action to unite us to work together to maintain and increase jobs for Americans so they would have every opportunity to support themselves and their families. The coronavirus has demonstrated how fragile America's economy is when a sudden pandemic spreads in the United States.

Every one of us can look back at the last few months and think, how could this happen in America? We should be disappointed that the coronavirus was not reported to world leaders immediately after it originated in China.  If world leaders were notified properly when the virus first began to spread, lives would have been saved and tens-of-millions of workers in the United States would not have had to file for unemployment and hope that their jobs would be restored when the virus is contained.

At this time we see more of America’s businesses able to reopen and welcome customers once again. Help restore America’s businesses so they can return to normalcy by shopping for the products and services you need at their places of business. In the process of circulating more of our dollars we will see how it will add to the well-being of America, the land we love and want to see succeed.

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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