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Commentary from Saturday, June 13, 2015

POSITIVE Efforts and Realities!

We live in a growing global economy and we know that international trade is very important to America and American workers. However, we also see that it is equally important to have no less than 50% of every type of product we make in America available for sale on the international market. This is not the case at this time and our efforts to support the Buy American Made Campaign and at least a 50/50 balance between domestic and imported products in our stores has brought about some encouraging results and a more realistic view about jobs in America.

With more consumers directing their purchases to American made products, businesses have been able to create some jobs needed for the over 4 million high school and college graduates, but not enough to employ new graduates and America’s growing population.

Another reality we face is that more than 10,000 Americans retire EVERY DAY. With nearly 4 million Americans retiring EVERY YEAR, 4 million graduating from high school and college EVERY YEAR, and a growing population there are simply not enough new jobs being created to employ the people in America who need jobs. To insure that America’s students have more access to vital trade, vocational and professional skills needed by America’s businesses, we have been urging parents, grandparents and all of our supporters to request that school administrators remain in close contact with business owners so they know exactly what types of job skills are needed by America’s businesses.

Recently, the U.S. Debt Clock, or what I call the REALITY CLOCK, has been expanded by the United Stated Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics. I urge you to carefully review the categories of information posted on the Debt Clock, which is linked on the front page of: Just as our supporters have grown after seeing these facts, it is important that you bring these FACTS to the attention of your national, state and local elected leaders who are being paid to represent your best interests. To assist you to be in contact with your elected officials go to and click on the Contact Your Elected Officials” link. Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word to others.

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