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Commentary from Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look in Your House

If you were to look around your house and identify all of the items made abroad, you would be surprised how much you have added to the number of jobs outsourced around the world. If you took the time to remove all the imported items from your house, including clothing and furniture, how much would be left?

In order for us to reverse the trend of outsourcing that took place over the last 30 years, we need to support every American made product on the market. Every time you purchase American made products, keep in mind that you are not only helping keep Americans employed, but are giving businesses the confidence to expand or open manufacturing facilities in towns and cities across America. The goal is to increase employment opportunities and permit businesses operating in the U.S.A. to make a profit and expand their operations. When you purchase American made products you support the workers manufacturing the products as well as the workers in sales, distribution, marketing, management and administrative support services.

If we can get back to manufacturing just 50% of what Americans purchase on a regular basis, America’s economy would improve 100%.

30 years ago America was in competition with only a few countries. Today, America is in competition with just about every nation in the world. Your support for products currently made in the U.S.A. is more important than you realize. If businesses want to keep you as a customer, they have to get the message directly from you that you want a reasonable balance between imported and American made products where you shop or you will be shopping elsewhere. Only if we continue to speak up together, will our message be heard and positive changes continue to happen.

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