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Commentary from Saturday, May 7, 2016

If WE Could See What WAS Happening, They Could Too!

The ongoing focus of the Buy American Made Campaign to help maintain and restore jobs in America that manufacture, distribute and sell items purchased most often by Americans has generated tens-of-millions of supporters. If we America’s consumers could see that the balance between foreign made and American made products was out of control 25 years ago, I’m sure America’s national leaders also saw that jobs for American workers were on a decline.

National leaders certainly noticed that there were less taxes from businesses in the U.S.A., they saw more empty buildings where people were once employed and they noticed that there was an increase in people needing unemployment benefits and government assistance. We also see that if national leaders focused on the well-being of the American people we would not be in need of tens-of-millions of full and part-time jobs and we could point to the accomplishments of those national leaders and say we need to duplicate their efforts. But that has not been the case during the last 25 years so grass root efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign have been urging America’s consumers to support American made products presently on the market with the goal of seeing more American made items for sale in the U.S.A. and more businesses interested in expanding in America.

If we the American people can see that we need to reclaim America’s economy, there is no doubt that America’s national leaders see how the loss of jobs has affected America’s economy, its families and America’s tax base. It’s time to get all parties together and insure that America is a tax friendly place to do business, to address labor and operational costs so that getting American Made products to market are more affordable.

Buying what’s made in the U.S.A. continues to help, but getting national leadership to do their jobs would be very effective. Contact your national elected officials this week and let them know we don’t have another minute to waste. Let them know that if they can’t accomplish the goal of welcoming more private-sector businesses to expand in America, it’s time for them to step aside and allow a more competent person fill their position.

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