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Commentary from Saturday, May 6, 2017

Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales, Supply & Demand

As the American people direct more of their spending power to support the businesses manufacturing, distributing and selling items proudly Made in the United States of America, there are more opportunities to increase the supply and demand for American made products.

Everywhere I go people are telling me they want us to return to a time of prosperity in America and they want to help create lasting employment opportunities for their families and friends. This is certainly possible with increased manufacturing, distribution, and sales of American made products not only in America’s stores but for sale around the world.

In order for us to continue the progress we have made in recent years, the American people must be the leading force when deciding to make a purchase. More Americans are making it known that they don’t want to be mainly customers of products made overseas when they know there is no reason why we can’t make competitive products here in the United States of America, where jobs and prosperity needs to be restored.

The long-term goal of the Buy American Made Campaign is to produce quality and competitive products that can be sold side-by-side on store shelves. Demonstrate your support for our efforts by looking for, asking for and purchasing the products that you need that are proudly made in the U.S.A.

It is extremely good to hear more radio, newspaper, and television reports promoting the Buy American Made Campaign. They have added to the momentum and desire for change, but the most positive results come from your support for American made products, and your support of local businesses. Working TOGETHER, we see more American made products in circulation and can take pride in knowing we have all been are doing our best to make positive change happen.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word.

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