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Commentary from Saturday, May 5, 2012

When the Economy Goes Flat, Who Loses?

As we watch the aftermath of the four years of recession in the U.S.A., we see that this down-turn has changed the lives of tens of millions of Americans, and we must ask the question, "When The Economy Goes Flat, Who Loses"? Here are a few thoughts:

National, state and local government officials don't lose because they are fully paid by our tax dollars no matter how the economy is doing.
American workers are the first to lose because the businesses that employ them often downsize or move manufacturing and other services overseas to avoid growing taxes, government regulations and the rising costs of doing business in the U.S.A
Small and medium sized businesses across the U.S.A. lose because their daily operational costs don't stop or go down because there is a recession, so they must work harder, cut workers, and take the risk of remaining in business or closing operations to cut their losses.

These few thoughts highlight why change in AMERICA is imperative. First we see that national, state and local elected leaders get paid in good times or in bad, so there is very little incentive for them to do more for the American people. However, if political leaders had their salary and expenses reduced during a recession, things would be different. Secondly, we clearly see that America's leaders continue to work hard to find creative ways to tax Americans to cover expenses they approved. I suggest that their pay be cut until they find creative ways to not only keep businesses in the U.S.A., but help private sector businesses create the 24 million jobs needed to move our nation and the economy forward again.

I urge you to join me in reminding elected leaders that they are paid to find ways to make life better for the American people, not see our nation on a decline. Remind them that the most important stimulus America needs is qualified elected leaders bringing private sector business leaders together to focus on EXPANDING and RESTORING industries in the America. It is time to cut through the RED TAPE and address the real issues that face us. All of us want to hear what national leaders are doing to create jobs, expand job skills, and bring America's economy back to life again. None of us are interested in hearing about dreams or promises, or one line statements that are nothing more than words. We want written plans that will bring results, plans that focus on America and the American people FIRST!

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