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Commentary from Saturday, May 4, 2019

American Made Supporters Lead the Way!

The Consumer Report National Research Center conducted a survey that indicates 78 percent of America’s consumers, when GIVEN A CHOICE between an American made product and a comparable import, would rather buy the American made product. Over 80 percent of respondents cited that retaining manufacturing jobs and keeping America strong in the global economy are their main reasons to buy American made.  About 60 percent of the people surveyed indicated that they would buy American made clothing, appliances and other goods even if the items cost them more.

These reports are great to hear since we can clearly see how many Americans would buy American made if the items were available where they shop. We see that as a result of America’s industries’ relocating or outsourcing the production of their products to foreign countries for more than 30 years, products that Americans need to purchase are mainly available with foreign made labels.

It is without doubt that Americans want to support American Made because they see how much the loss of millions of jobs is hurting American workers and America’s families. They also see how much the loss of jobs and job skills have hurt the American people and their futures. As a result of the Buy American Made Campaign, we are now seeing a major change in the way business is being done in the United States. With lower federal taxes and the reduction in regulations on businesses, we continue to see more items being made in the United States.

In order for this to continue, you are urged to seek out American made, support your local stores and the Internet stores that have American made items. With your assistance American Made Supporters lead the way to more prosperity in the United States. Your participation is sincerely appreciated.

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