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Commentary from Saturday, May 30, 2020

We Have All Been Affected!

During the last few months we have seen how the coronavirus pandemic has affected us and our way of life in the United States of America. So many things we took for granted had to be changed in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus. As months passed, we realized how important it is for us to work together to get America back to normal. There, of course, will be some long-term changes in the way we do things with family and friends and also at the places where we work and shop.

One of the main things the American people want to see is Americans fully employed again. This will be accomplished if Americans focus their spendable income on the American made products now available, and promote the Buy American Made Campaign, which promotes businesses offering a growing number of products with made in the U.S.A. labels. This is extremely important because every dollar spent in the United States helps keep American made items in circulation and expand jobs and livelihoods for American workers.

Additionally, as the pandemic continues, America’s consumers hear the media talk about how many foreign made items are sold in America. This is now encouraging more Americans to look at labels to see what percentage of the products available where they shop are made in the United States. It is urgent for us to restore competitive American made products in America’s stores and be in competition with the foreign made items that have been filling America’s stores for the last few decades.

As America’s businesses reopen as the spread of the coronavirus subsides, we have an opportunity to support American made products and create more jobs to meet the demands of America’s consumers. Your assistance is VERY IMPORTANT. Kindly spread the message of the Buy American Made Campaign so we can see unemployment drop and job opportunities grow.

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