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Commentary from Saturday, May 28, 2016

Promote Made in America First!

With graduation and various special events now taking place, there are many opportunities to promote the Buy American Made Campaign to your family members and friends. With more people united behind efforts to improve job opportunities for our graduates and working-age and able-body Americans we see that “We the American People” have many new opportunities to be the guiding force in making change in America a reality.

In the great nation of America there is no reason for any person seeking a full or part time job not to be employed. There is no reason that America’s consumers can’t help bring about a rising demand for American made products by directing their dollars to American made, and there is no reason for private sector businesses not to be offered new opportunities to reinvest and flourish in America.

30 years ago Americans were able to have a large number of full and part time jobs available within a reasonable distance from where they live. This allowed people to work, expand their jobs skills and support themselves. As time passed instead of America’s national leaders working to maintain these standards and urge private sector businesses to modernize their industries and expand their product lines, America’s leaders focused on increasing taxes and more regulations. 30 years later, we continue to experiencing the aftermath of private sector businesses moving overseas to save on operational costs, growing business regulations and taxes, but still very little leadership from those elected and paid to look out for the best interests of the American people.

Since maintaining a positive business environment for America’s industries has not been the focus of America’s national leaders, “We the People” are called upon to insure that the industries in America remain vibrant and more jobs for American workers are created because we are creating the demand for American made products.

At this point with new technology even service-oriented jobs are being reduced so it’s very important that businesses in America get back to the business of manufacturing competitive products for every product now sold in America.

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