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Commentary from Saturday, May 21, 2016

Taking the American Made Challenge Has Helped!

Over the years we have urged our supporters to take the Buy American Made Challenge in an effort to promote America’s manufacturers and businesses. This challenge always sparks good responses and hard facts continue to surface. Although we have seen some improvement in items made in America, at this point 90% of the clothing, 90% of the shoes, 90% of the electronics, and 90% of the toys sold in America’s stores are still imported from countries around the world.

As we look at what is being sold in America, we better understand the aftermath of the loss of tens-of thousands of private sector industries and the loss of tens-of-millions-of job opportunities for American workers. Much of what happened is the result of America’s national leaders not focused on retaining businesses in the U.S.A. and not caring enough to address the reasons why businesses were choosing to produce their products in foreign countries.

In order to understand why businesses chose to leave America, take a few minutes to view the Million American Jobs Project YOUTUBE link here. In a few minutes it gives you a very good idea of what happened in America during the last 30 years and how you can help America’s private sector businesses grow again.

In order to end the 30 year quagmire Americans find themselves in, the Buy American Made Campaign has been pressing private sector businesses and national leaders to work together to create an environment in America that will restore many levels of jobs. Circulating more of our dollars in America for “American made items”, not only helps restore jobs, but will help restore America’s economy and provide more revenue to repair America’s infrastructure, its roads, bridges, schools and parks.

Since actions always speak louder than words, look for, ask for, speak up for and purchase American made products you need where you shop.

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