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Commentary from Saturday, May 1, 2010

Make More In America!

Workers who have a job are able to support themselves and enhance the well-being of America’s economy. Everyone involved with the Buy American Made Campaign is striving to remind people that we can be a more successful economy if we get back to making the products the American people use on a regular basis. I’m sure you see for yourself that, where private industry is thriving, there are ongoing job opportunities as well as research and development of new products so that companies can stay competitive, grow and make a profit for their owners and investors.

I have been asking you to make some changes in the way you shop so businesses in America know that the American people are tired of being a sales point for products made overseas. From what I see, there is no reason for jobs not to grow in America! There is no reason why American industries, using modern technology, can’t produce quality and cost-effective products for America’s consumption and for export around the world. There is also no reason why business and political leaders, as well as every level of America’s workforce, are not working more forcefully on the issue of expanding jobs in America.

In order to make change happen, we have to be a forceful part of this effort. Therefore, I urge you to speak up at stores, contact your elected officials to let them know where you stand, and support education and training programs so that what America makes now and in the future stands out from all the rest.

Every time you go into a store, you choose not only what you want to buy, but also whom you are willing to support. Keeping Americans employed and supporting American businesses will help improve America’s economy and help us move forward for a better future. Help this campaign by looking for, asking for and going out of your way to purchase American made products.

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