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Commentary from Saturday, May 18, 2013

"A Plus" For Our Efforts

In my May 4th commentary, I discussed A Report Card for America's national elected leaders on their efforts to work with private sector businesses to promote jobs and expand industries in America.

Based on responses, Americans are very concerned that the unemployment rate and slow job growth is devastating our way of life. The large number of For Sale and For Rent signs on industrial buildings, offices and stores remain a constant reminder that our economy needs to be turned around NOW.

When people ask me what more we can do to change America's job landscape, my response is to keep supporting American workers and the businesses that make and assemble products in the U.S.A. I remind supporters that positive change could happen quickly if national elected and private sector business leaders work together and focus on incentives which would make America the best place in the world to do business.

Every day positive changes are happening due to the growing number of America’s consumers, as well as national and local media outlets supporting our efforts to restore industries, jobs and job skills. The fact that more Americans are speaking up where they shop and looking at labels before making a purchase is a major change from the past when shoppers simply purchased items without looking if there were competitive American made items for them to choose from.

All of our efforts deserve an "A Plus on our Report Card". However, although our efforts are good and growing, we need to have national elected and private sector business leaders follow our lead and work together so more jobs are created. I encourage you to contact your national and local elected officials so they know you are united behind efforts to expand jobs in the U.S.A.

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