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Commentary from Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is This Another Trade Agreement That Will Hurt America?

The United States Government has entered into several trade agreements over the years with nations from around the world. However, I see the need to focus on maintaining the jobs that we have for American workers and insure that more jobs are created in America at all times.

The “WTO” World Trade Organization (began many years ago and was expanded in 1995)
NAFTA, The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (was enacted in January, 1994)
CAFTA, Central America Free Trade Agreement (was enacted in 2005)

As a result of these agreements, I have seen more businesses and industries move out of America, while we are in need of expanding jobs here in the U.S.A. I am concerned that the newest trade agreement being discussed The Trans-Pacific Partnership will be another loss of jobs for American workers.

In the last 20 years trade agreements have expanded while America’s working age and able-bodied people lack the full and part-time jobs they need to support themselves.

Recently, I decided to call Washington to ask questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement under consideration by national elected leaders in Washington, I was told that Trade negotiations are conducted in private so that the parties involved can have a meaningful dialogue until they want their positions public. I was told The Trans-Pacific Partnership parties have a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT requiring them to share proposals only with "government officials and individuals who are part of the government’s domestic trade advisory process." I don’t understand why they need a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT. How do the taxpayers and American workers know in advance how an agreement of this type will affect their lives and the well-being of America?

In order to make sure NATIONAL ELECTED LEADERS know your concerns, contact them this week and urge them not to vote for agreements that are not in the best interest of American workers. I feel an agreement of this type should be on a NATIONAL Referendum so America’s voters can make a YES or NO decision on such an important issue. Contact your elected officials here.

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