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Commentary from Saturday, May 16, 2009

The main objective of the Buy American Made Campaign is to support American workers and in the process, keep American jobs strong and bring about the return of some of the jobs we lost to foreign competitors.

For many years, America was the main producer of our daily commodities from clothing to electronics. We see now that we permitted too many of our manufacturing jobs to leave the U.S.A. and in the process lost many of our production skills, which has affected the well-being of present and future American workers.

Today I ask that you take a look at your own purchases and accept the challenge to buy the majority of what you need for the next month from American made producers only. By taking a look at the labels of everything you purchase, you will see for yourself what is made in America and how much is being imported.

When American businesses get the message that the American people are using their purchasing power to support American made products, positive changes will come about for American workers!

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