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Commentary from Saturday, April 9, 2016

We Are Changing America's Future!

Since tens-of-millions of America’s consumers have joined the campaign to support American workers and American based businesses, more people feel that their active participation is bringing about positive change in America’s economy. It is without question that restoring jobs to the level they should be for America’s growing population is much easier said than done. However, we have reached the point in America that we either take action now to restore jobs, or be faced with the loss of additional jobs to outsourcing around the world.

For several decades we watched America’s manufacturing base relocated overseas. We saw trade agreements enacted that took more jobs out of America, than were created for American workers. We saw school districts across America downsize or eliminate the trades and industrial arts programs that teach skills that are needed by every sector of America’s businesses. The loss of jobs, job skills and income for Americans has caused many difficulties in every community in America, so it’s good to see the American people united to change our future.

Right now there is no reason why millions of new jobs could not be created in the U.S.A., if America’s consumers circulated more of their hard earned dollars on products made and assembled in America. One major effort of our campaign is to restore the Trades in America’s schools so there are a growing number of young people ready and able to join America’s workforce upon graduation. When you hear reports that 200,000 jobs were created in any given month, consider that the majority of those jobs are replacing the 300,000 Americans that are retiring from the workforce every month. If we were creating the number of NEW jobs announced each month, there would be more jobs and less fewer people unemployed and living in poverty.

The great recession opened our eyes, now it’s important that we look forward and help create a demand for American made which will create a better business and employment environment. Thanks for supporting the Buy American Made Campaign and for spreading the word about our efforts.

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