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Commentary from Saturday, April 8, 2017

We Continue to Promote a Positive End Result!

Our campaign has always discussed ways to support jobs in America, and our end result has always focused on increasing jobs for American workers and improving the economy of the nation where we live and want all Americans to thrive. 

One issue often discussed on "American Workers Radio" is the need to focus more of our tax dollars no educating America’s high school students with a quality education that includes reading, math, history and a major focus on at less one job skill upon graduation that will allow every student to support themselves and thrive.  Offering students a diverse education that provides skills necessary for the modern workplace is the only way our nation can succeed in a global economy.  Although our service economy remained strong for many years, students must be prepared to apply their talents in every aspect of industry from research and development to high tech manufacturing processes to sales and management.

For many years, businesses have been stating loud and clear that they need more new graduates with hands on training in order to restore industries in the United States of America. The reality of change is upon us and in order for us to see more American made labels in circulation where we shop; we need more graduates ready and able to lead the way so more businesses are confident that their investments will benefit business owners, investors and American workers.

In recent years we have seen many businesses looking to expand their product lines in America. To help these businesses succeed, the Buy American Made Campaign has been urging everyone to support the products which represent the workmanship of American workers.

Thanks for supporting our efforts.  Kindly spread our message to your family and friends so businesses continue to grow and more Americans are able to be employed.

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