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Commentary from Saturday, April 30, 2016

Empty Wallets and Bills to be Paid!

Each of us with family, friends and neighbors affected by the loss of job opportunities which were outsourced to other countries, are seeing firsthand the stress people go through as they strive to be quality Americans without sufficient job opportunities to financially support themselves and their families. Empty wallets and bills to be paid are especially difficult for Individuals with well earned educations, individuals with ready for the workforce jobs skills and for young people looking to get a job after graduation.

Quite frankly, poor national leadership, corporations wanting to make more money by outsourcing manufacturing and other services, and the silence of the American people as industries closed and moved overseas all added the difficulties now being experienced by American workers. The most unfortunate fact is that America’s consumers did not react as the stores where they shop were slowly flooded with foreign made items. If America’s consumers reacted 25 years ago tens-of-thousands of the industries lost to outsourcing would still be located in the U.S.A. Additionally, our national leaders who are paid to do a job should have united the American people to keep jobs in the U.S.A. Now there are less jobs than needed, less people able to buy products and less taxpayers to add to the economy.

With all the issues being reported in the news media, everyone involved with the Buy American Made Campaign can look with pride at the discussions taking place during the presidential campaign. Never before during a presidential campaign has the loss of jobs in America been discussed with such passion. Thanks for helping us spread good ideas and encouraging others to speak up about restoring jobs, job skills and the future of America.

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