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Commentary from Saturday, April 27, 2019

Thriving Businesses in America Help All of Us!

Every week we ask you to direct more of your dollars to support American Made products and services provided by American workers.

The American people continue to make positive things happen in the way business is done in America every time they question store personnel as to why they don’t have a larger selection of American made products available. It is good to hear from our supporters that store personnel have been telling them that if more American made products were available from their merchandisers, they would be sold in our store.  The fact that customers are receiving this response means our requests are leaving a lasting impression on business owners and investors who see that customers are dissatisfied and willing to shop around to support American made. Kindly continue to speak up in support of American made because it has been helping to get more American made products in circulation.

As you shop around remember that National Small Business Weekend takes place the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. Kindly go out of your way to support your local businesses. For more information visit:

I also encourage you to visit: where you can see reports on America’s economy and American workers. The statistics come directly from the United States Census report and United States Department of Labor report. The U.S. Debt Clock is located on the front page of

Help us spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign and spend more of your dollars on products and services offered by American workers and the businesses that employ them. Thanks for your help!

This is Michael Blichasz. I appreciate hearing from you. My email address is:  Every Wednesday from 11 A.M. to 12 noon, tune in to American Workers Radio on 860 AM serving Philadelphia and the Tri-State area. You can also listen live or to rebroadcasts from anywhere in the world from the easy access links located on the front page of: