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Commentary from Saturday, April 25, 2015

In America ANYTHING is Possible!

We all know that life is full of risks and rewards and we also know that ANYTHING is possible in America if we work at it. This is especially the case when we provide America’s young people with the opportunity to access all levels of career opportunities while attending junior and senior high school.

Because we see the need to bring more businesses back to life in America, our supporters have been speaking up about education in the U.S.A. Some say the schools need more money and others say it’s time to refocus the funds equally on both academics and vocational career classes. We all agree that nothing will change if we don’t hold national, state and local elected officials and school boards accountable right now for what is being taught in America’s schools.

During the last 25 years, America’s schools cut back on Vocational Education Programs. These schools were valuable because they allowed students to discover the careers they felt they were best suited for BEFORE GRADUATION, trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical wiring, and welding, or careers like teaching, medicine, engineering or many others. Because we did not hold our leaders accountable for what was being offered in our schools, we now have a major lack of skilled workers which is hurting America’s economy.

I once again, urge you to contact your elected officials and school board representatives and encourage them to expose students to a broad range of educational opportunities under one roof in a school setting where students learn not only from teachers but from the example of their fellow students.

Thanks for speaking up in support of America’s students and American workers. Our nation’s future depends on your participation.

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