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Commentary from Saturday, April 23, 2016

Your Voices and Action Are Changing a 30 Year Trend!

Whether it’s on radio or television broadcasts, in newspaper articles, on the Internet or being discussed at local community meetings, ideas are being shared about how important it is for the American people to change the landscape of America’s employment situation. Americans agree that as AMERICA’S CONSUMERS we have the power to help create a demand for American made products by supporting America’s industries who can maintain and restore employment opportunities in every sector of America’s economy.

As you are out shopping consider that one hundred years ago, immigrants from around the world were
invited to come to America because there was a labor shortage during America’s Industrial Revolution. One hundred years later as America’s working age and able bodied population grows there is a major employment deficit mainly because large numbers of jobs that employed American workers have been outsourced around the world as part of the new global economy.

Because of your voices, your actions and your spending habits, more businesses are clearly listing that their products are Made in the U.S.A. We are far from the 50/50 balance that we need to have in America’s stores, but progress continues to be made every day with your participation. As our supporters shop at small and large businesses offering American made products, we look to create a better outcome of employment opportunities for Americans right now and for future generations.

Circulating more of our dollars on products made in the U.S.A. continues to demonstrate that creating a demand for American made products is a major key to success to keeping businesses prosperous and Americans employed. Thanks for spreading the word.

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