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Commentary from Saturday, April 21, 2018

Engineers, Realtors, Investors, Educators & Workers!

During 2018, we continue to ask America’s businesses to promote "American made" on their labels and packaging. In addition to urging America’s school boards and teachers to promote practical job skills, we need America's Engineers, Realtors and Investors to unite to help rebuild America's industries and create millions of new jobs in the United States. Uniting all entities will help private sector businesses bring America’s industries back to life which will benefit all Americans.

It’s time for America's Realtors to showcase properties where businesses can manufacture, distribute, promote and sell their American made products. It’s time for Engineers to provide ways to improve America’s manufacturing techniques to improve their ability to compete in a global economy. It’s time for Investors to invest in America's business infrastructure and create all levels of employment opportunities. Getting everyone to see the benefit of doing business in America is then up to you and I, America’s consumers who have the ability to keep American made products moving off store shelves which will create more job opportunities for American workers.

After years of discussing the employment situation in America, we all see there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for the United States to be the sales point for foreign made items while tens-of-millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed.

In order to get more people involved, you’re asked to spread the word about the positive efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign so that America’s Elected Leaders, Teachers, Engineers, Realtors, Investors, Business owners and Workers become the united force behind America's economy. Thanks for your help and participation.

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