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Commentary from Saturday, April 16, 2016

People Are Asking Questions!

As the American people speak up and ask questions and expect answers we see a lot of new concerns from businesses and elected officials. Americans are asking, WHY did so many businesses leave America and what is the actual cost of running America’s government? In the real world if something is wrong, you try to fix it. If something costs more than you can afford, you work to lower the costs. Unfortunately these principals have not been followed during the last 30 years and we have tens-of-millions of Americans unemployed, thousands of businesses no longer operating in America but around the world and America’s leaders adding to our national debt rather than seeking to understand  why the debt continues to rise.

Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions:
What is being done to improve the employment situation in America and by whom?
What did America’s leaders do as millions of jobs were being lost in America?
Who in government is working to justify America’s 19 TRILLION dollar debt and who is in charge of solving the rising debt in America which affects EVERY American?
Are our tax dollars being spent wisely and why aren’t the costs of programs and services we are paying for fully outlined on the Internet for everyone to see?
With hundreds of billions spent on education why does the news media report there are not enough young graduates ready and able to enter America’s workforce?
With so much spent on education, why is it necessary to welcome foreign workers to fill jobs in America?

As time goes on and people find themselves faced with the rising cost of living, they want to see American economy restored to where it should be. People want to know if government dollars are directed to services needed and requested by the American people. They also want to know if government is spending their dollars on products that employ American workers. Our supporters are helping to make the new age of awareness come about in America, and your help is needed to insure that questions are asked and answers are expected.

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