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Commentary from Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Long Range Forecast is Getting Better!

From all of the reports I have been reading, the long range forecast for jobs in America is getting better as more Americans support American made products and America’s businesses. The reports reflect that there has been an increase in job opportunities in manufacturing, construction and with small businesses.

A lot of America’s difficulties began as America’s consumers searched for everything possible at the cheapest price without concern for American workers who lost their jobs as foreign products flooded America’s stores. This permitted businesses to outsource manufacturing overseas to maintain their profit margins and keep prices low to consumers, but in the long-run too much outsourcing caused the loss of millions of jobs for Americans from manufacturing to sales.

As you go shopping, consider our efforts to expand jobs in America and ask yourself these two basic questions:

1. Did the companies that made the products you purchased with made in America labels go out of business or did they move out of America to avoid growing operational costs, the ability to make enough profit to pay American workers a reasonable wage and avoid rising taxes?

2. Why can’t we return to at least a 50/50 balance between foreign made and American made products in every American store.

We all want the better job forecast for American Workers to continue, so let’s direct our efforts to restore at least a 50/50 balance between everything sold in America. 50% American made – 50% foreign made. The “Buy American Made Campaign” and American Workers Radio continues to focus on the fact that we as America’s consumers have the ability to help America’s industries expand simply by the way we spend our money and the products we choose to support. So look for, ask for, and purchase the American Made products you need and help America’s companies keep Americans employed. With all of us acting together, the long-term job forecast in America will continue to improve! Thanks for your help!

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