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Commentary from Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Trend for Positive Must Continue!

In March of 1998, during my Saturday radio broadcast, I presented my first commentary encouraging people to seek out and support American Made Products.  I called the project “American Workers Need You” because I saw that imported products were flooding the American market place, and there was less manufacturing in America.  Our supporters agreed that we were in a new global economy where America’s industries and workers had to compete with imported products and foreign workers.  In 1998, our supporters discussed how important it was for American based businesses to upgrade their industries so that American made products would be able to compete with products from overseas. At that time we also discussed how important it was for America’s schools to expand Vocational Educational Programs and remain in touch with industry leaders so there were always new graduates knowledgeable of the skills needed by America’s businesses.

As I reflect on our past efforts, I see that the number of our supporters has grown and I see that my weekly commentaries are featured on radio programs, in newspapers, and Internet sites. I see that our grass-roots efforts have helped to unite the American people and in the process have saved jobs for many American workers. HOWEVER, I don’t see a response from America’s national leaders who could have made a major difference in the way things are in America today. They had many years to address the loss of jobs in America and saw America’s population growing year-after-year. If national and local leaders took our suggestions and followed our example to support American made FIRST, America’s economy and American workers would be in a much better situation today.

As we continue to do our part, I urge you to support America’s private sector businesses so that they see the benefit of expanding and investing in America again. I urge you to help us promote the expansion of Vocational Education Programs supported by America's taxpayers so America’s employers have the workers it needs, and I urge you to be a patriotic shopper and support the products you need that are made and assembled in America.

Supporters of American Workers Need You and the Buy American Made Campaign have been doing their part.
 America’s leaders must follow our example and help get jobs in America back to where they should be. As always I ask that you contact the people elected to serve you in Washington and in your local communities. Contact your local school board to promote the expansion of Vocational Educational Programs in America’s schools, and be sure to encourage everyone you know to support American made products. Working together we have been changing the way business is being done in America. In order for the changes to continue and be successful, we need your help!  Spread the word and send your suggestions to:

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