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Commentary from Saturday, March 26, 2016

Who Will be Best for America's Future!

It is good to see a growing number of Americans standing up for America and America's economy. The recent primary election debates have outlined the failure of America's national elected leaders’ to properly address the loss of industries and jobs for more than 30 years. Now as a result of poor leadership, tens of millions of Americans remain in need of full and part-time jobs and our national debt is over 19 TRILLION dollars.

The candidates seeking our votes speak about more jobs for the American people, but, I would like to know exactly what types of jobs are they talking about. I would like to know if they have a written plan of action and a team of people ready and able to help them resolve the loss of private sector industries, jobs and the job skills needed to compete with global products.

I would also like to see every candidate outline their personal thoughts as to WHY businesses left America and how they would be the best person to work with private sector job creators from local, state and national businesses to create and maintain jobs in the U.S.A.

When I promote the Buy American Made Campaign and invite you to visit: or listen to American Workers Radio, I'm making suggestions and urging you to support the businesses and jobs we have right now. It is important to note that our national elected officials have the ability to get everyone working together to authorize long-term tax incentives and other benefits that would welcome more industries to expand and locate on America's shores.

The time for action is now, so as your watching the presidential campaign continue, listen closely to the candidates to see who has the best plans to restore jobs and America’s economy. When more jobs are created, everyone will benefit. Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word.

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