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Commentary from Saturday, March 24, 2018

America's Youth Need Us!

There has been a tremendous positive response to recent commentaries encouraging America to focus on education as the foundation for success. Americans were always encouraged to get a good education and then focus on a career path with the assistance of parents and school counselors. These goals remain unchanged and all parents, grandparents and taxpayers are urged to speak up now to local school board representatives and elected officials who distribute our tax dollars to local school districts. The main goal of this effort it to ensure that America’s schools are once again preparing America’s young people for the new global economy and the many ways for them to earn a living in America.

If education in America adapted to changing circumstances, America’s schools would be graduating students already exposed to a variety of career skills. This is not what happens in most schools across America. Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign agree that by graduation, students must have had several classes that placed them on the path to long-term employment opportunities. It is imperative that students know about all career opportunities from professions like medicine, education, law, teaching, business, police, firefighters, and trades like construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and manufacturing. These and hundreds of others are part of everyday life in America, and every student must be guided by counselors and teachers as they decide on a career.

At this time of year, school boards are meeting to discuss the subjects and programs that will be available in the next school year and beyond. School boards and elected officials must understand that schools must include programs that focus on the skills needed by America’s employers. They must understand that America’s parents and taxpayers want a well-rounded education for our youth and that it is time for new national and state guidelines for America’s schools to be enacted.

Preparing America’s young people to be part of the private-sector workforce is important to every American. Kindly contact your local school board this week. America’s youth need all of us to speak up for them.

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