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Commentary from Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Have America's Leaders Led Us?

From the responses received from my radio, Internet and newspaper commentaries, more people are asking "Where have America's leaders led us and what will it take to get all Americans back to a level of prosperity?" Good questions, and it is really good to see that more people are concerned about the well-being of America's future.

As Americans, we have to face the fact that without manufacturing jobs and growing job skills, what we see today will continue for a long time. America's wealth and success continued for 200 years because we had many levels of manufacturing complemented by service-related jobs. However, it was largely manufacturing that created opportunities as Americans were able to make every imaginable product in the U.S.A. Having manufacturing within our shores also added to America's stability.

Elected leaders can certainly help, but we, as consumers, can also help by supporting American made products FIRST and keep jobs in the U.S.A. Every time you go out of your way to purchase American made and urge your local retailers to feature more American made products, you help ensure that more American made items will be featured with the foreign made items now overwhelming our stores.

Your words, your actions and the way you spend your money have helped maintain and restore JOBS and our efforts will lead to better productivity and standard of living for the American people. We can't continue to see Americans without jobs who could be using or learning job skills that would last them a lifetime. We also can't allow our stores to be filled with foreign made, while American workers are ready, willing and able to be trained to fill jobs and produce competitive products made in the U.S.A. Remember, workers and consumers are the same people, so by supporting American made products you are helping people remain employed and keeping more of our dollars circulating in America's economy.

We can ask the question "Where Have America's Leaders Led Us"?, but we must also follow-up that question by asking "Are the American People helping the cause, are they supporting local businesses, are they spreading the message to family and friends and are they contacting elected officials to voice their concerns?"

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