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Commentary from Saturday, March 20, 2010

15 Million Needed

So often people tell me they find it hard to understand how the greatest nation on earth could lose such a substantial number of jobs in recent years to outsourcing.

For the first time in years, people are going out of their way to look at the labels of everything they purchase to see where the products are being made.  Many people felt they were supporting American companies and American workers because they were purchasing well-known American brand names, but now as they look closely at the labels, find themselves disappointed to see those companies are outsourcing their manufacturing overseas, leaving American workers unemployed.  As I receive these reactions, it’s clear that Americans are waking up and looking at what is happening around them!   The changes, we now see more clearly, have been slowly taking place over the last 25 years.

The major difference these days is that with the rising unemployment rate, it has become more a personal issue because it’s affecting the well-being of American workers in every type of employment and often the well-being of close family members and friends.

At this point, we have our work cut out for us. But Americans have always accepted a challenge and have become better people because of it.  That’s what I am urging you to do, accept the Buy American Made Challenge and go out of your way to look for products made by American workers.

Can you imagine how much better America’s economy would be if we could restore 15 million new private sector jobs across the U.S.A?  With millions of new jobs, we would witness a renewed prosperity for American workers and the businesses that employ them.  However, to make 15 million new jobs possible, we will need to change our shopping habits and seek out items with an American made label first.

The longer we wait to re-enter the manufacturing revolution and counteract outsourcing, the longer it is going to take for us to train people to produce what Americans need and purchase on a regular basis.  We need to get back to manufacturing all of the items we need, including clothing, electronics and furniture, to name a few.

Just renewing manufacturing of these items would make a major change in our manufacturing base and get millions of people back to work, not only in production, but in management, distribution, research and development and many others areas.  With goals like these, some of the buildings that we pass in our travels, which now have For Sale or Available signs on them, could be filled once again with businesses using modern day manufacturing technology, employing Americans and supporting local communities.

It’s not an unreasonable dream. It’s the way it was in America for years before outsourcing became the thing to do to make more profit for business owners and investors.

As consumers we have the purchasing power to make things change for the well-being of America.  Let’s not waste another minute, but take the time to support the Buy American Made Campaign and spread the word to others.

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